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PharmaViva is a locally owned independent Pharmacy serving Niagara region since 2006.

Our goal is to help our patients feel better and gain a better understanding of their medical conditions and medications.

Our Staff members are caring professionals delivering various clinical programs and always seeking for new and practical solutions to make a sustainable difference.

Services We Offer

We are committed to serving Niagara community, Ontario. Our pharmacists will do everything they can to make you feel welcomed and looked after.


our certified Diabetes Educator will help you to gain an understanding of your condition and will develop a treatment plan with your individual needs in mind.


Taking 3 or more medications may be confusing and overwhelming. Our pharmacist will help you manage all your meds.


Compliance package will help patients stay on track with their medications. The package includes a monthly calendar and pill box.

Immunizations & Flu Shots

Pharmaviva Pharmacy is now offering flu shots and wide range of immunisations to help people protect themselves. Contact us today to check availability.

Addicition Treatment

Our pharmacy offers a welcoming environment to provide an equal level of services no matter the condition of your health.

Smoking Cessation Consultation

Our trained pharmacists will help you or your loved one to stay motivated and achieve your goal.

Ostomy & Wound Care Products

At Pharmaviva, we understand how important it is to have access to quality ostomy supplies and wound care products.

Speciality Medications

We will help you by guiding you through local resources for specific support programs offered to ease the treatment burden.


Contact us today to book an appointment, we will listen to you, your needs and the needs of your loved one. We will be happy to guide you through available local resources and offer help in various ways.


What are your operating hours?
We are open Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Sunday: Closed
Do you offer Flu Vaccine?
Yes, we do, subject to availability. Please call the pharmacy at 905-680-7077 to book an appointment.
Do you offer diabetes consultation?
We have certified diabetes consultation on-site. Please call the pharmacy to make an appointment at 905-680-7077.
How do I send prescription on the website?
Click on prescriptions and then from the drop down menu, click on new prescription then upload the prescription.
Do you offer free compliance packaging?
Yes, we can make it easier for patients to stay on schedule by having your prescriptions packaged along with your other recommended vitamins and supplements.



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